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Starting a New Site

While some GOTR councils across the country offer a fall and spring season, GOTRCNY offers only a spring season, which begins in mid-March and runs for 10 weeks, through early June. Our season ends with the Girls on the Run of Central New York 5k Event.

New sites are added each spring, so if Girls on the Run (GOTR) isn't currently in your area, you may be able to get it started! Please note that GOTRCNY is expanding rapidly and doing its best to accommodate as many new site requests as possible. Unfortunately, it may not be feasible to start a new site immediately due to funding and staff limitations.

We are currently accepting applications for our Spring 2016 season. For complete details please click here to review our New Site/Coach Packet. If you have questions about starting a new site or how to start the new site process, please contact  Applications for Spring 2016 are due by no later than December 11, 2015.

Requirements for GOTRCNY Program Site

Provide program coaches. There must be a minimum of two trained coaches for each group of 8-15 girls. A third coach needs to be added for teams up to 20 girls. Coaches must be trained by Girls on the Run of Central New York. Program coaches will also be responsible for collecting registration forms and fees, distributing program and race information, recruiting girls, and promoting Girls on the Run in the school or community center at which the program is being held.

Provide a safe place for running and a rainy day spot to meet. The program does not require a track—a field, unused parking lot or playground work just fine also.

Choose two days a week for meeting. Each session needs 60-90 minutes.

We would be happy to come to your site to discuss the program, please contact Council Director Jill Shea-Feury, if interested!

School or Facility Information